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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watched!: Alexar by Marlen Boro

    'Marlen’s photography reflects his lifelong quirky sense of humor and impossible-to-squelch delight in the world. He is masterful at bringing out not only sultry shadows and the astonishing beauty of the male body, but also genuine smiles, infectious smirks, spontaneous grins, and other moments of unguarded authenticity.'

    'Be prepared to feel sexy'
    Marlen Boro

    This is the vow Marlen Boro makes to those who step in front of his camera. I have yet to see a shoot from Marlen where he does not deliver on this promise in spades. One might argue that with the ultra hot Alexar the task would be easy, but being comfortable in front of the camera does not always come as naturally to everyone as it does with Alexar.

    Whenever I see a Marlen Boro shoot I usually see a fair amount of 'genuine smiles, infectious smirks, spontaneous grins, and other moments of unguarded authenticity', and can see no greater example than Marlen's work with Alexar.

    Alexar says that his experience with Marlen was great, 'Super friendly guy, he made me laugh a lot'. Alexar reports it was very relaxed and full of conversation. Alexar also adds that he extremely comfortable being naked anyway, loves attention and loves being watched. Alexar's love of being watched will be taken full advantage of by Marlen who has some big plans. Marlen says can't wait to work with Alexar again and promises to show much more! Alexar's love of being watched, his comfortability in front of the camera, his contagious grin (and come on, phenomenal butt) make that a promise I am going to hold Marlen to!

    In working on numerous profiles featuring Marlen's work, his skill and ability at putting models at ease, at feeling relaxed and confident is consistently mentioned. All the models I have communicated with speak highly of their experience, both with the resulting photos and with the overall experience of shooting with Marlen itself.

    This is a big reason I so love showcasing Marlen's work. Besides of course producing great shots, Marlen makes the feelings of his models not just a part of the process but a core and essential part of his photography. Marlen tries not just to capture, but to bring out something, possibly something hidden, buried, maybe even something about the model they themselves had not yet discovered.

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Watched!: Alexar by Marlen Boro

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